A Vision Becomes Reality

The project is being managed and financed by HRM with many of the main features slated for construction in 2015, including:

  • Installation of the Boat Cradle;
  • Inclined Plane finishes;
  • Excavation and inspection of the Turbine Chamber;
  • Design and Construction of the Power House/Turbine Chamber Building and partial elevated flume;
  • Exposure and reinstatement of the Tailrace;
  • Many addition park features and landscaping; and
  • Inclusion of a section of the Trans Canada Multi-Use Trail.

Refer to Plan

HRM staff are working very closely with the Shubenacadie Canal Commission and seek the Commission’s input on almost every aspect of the project. For this the Shubenacadie Canal Commission is very grateful.

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Ongoing Commission Initiatives

A sub-committee of the Commission, “The Canal Greenway Committee” has been hard at work over the last while documenting and coordinating the many features and historical background information for the Dartmouth Inclined Plane. They are taking up the challenge to have the mechanical features of the Turbine/Power House Building, including the reaction turbine, cable drum, gears, bearings, etc. drafted and ready for fabrication in 2015.

Anyone interested in volunteering to assist the Commission in its endeavours in any aspect of the Historical Shubenacadie Canal please contact us.

Recent Greenway News

Chamber Walls in the Flume House

In the photo above you can see the building progress of the chamber walls inside of the Flume House. In the photo of the Flume House model below you can how the chamber walls were used to position some [...]

A view from above

In the photos above you get a glimpse of the view the flume operator may have had when the Dartmouth Incline Plane Marine Railway was in operation. The next step for the flume construction is to add the [...]

The Flume is going up!

  In the photos above you can see that the Flume is being attached to the Flume House.  When the Marine Railway was in operation the Flume would have carried the water from Sullivan's Pond to the Flume House. [...]

A view from inside

Obvious finishes are happening to the outside of the Flume House (as seen in the first photo). But hidden inside will be the details of how the working Flume House would looked when in operation. This is [...]

World Canal Conference 2016

The Shubenacadie Waterway Marine Railway was selected as one of the top 5 entries for the Innovation Award at the World Canal Conference that took place on September 21 in Inverness, Scotland. This award celebrates [...]